How you can help

Your donations are what allows us to keep giving our students scholarships to attend tailoring school in Malawi, Africa. Some of our students are widowed, most destitute, and all of them rely on financial help to be able to go to school. 100% of the money that you donate goes directly to the students. Your donated dollars are used for things like sewing machine and supplies, as well as accounting and bookkeeping training by the end of the program that is too burdensome for them to pay for out of pocket. Without your help, many of our students would not be able to provide for their families basic needs.

If you feel the stir, please sign up to sponsor one of our students. It can be a one-time, a month-long fundraiser through Facebook, or a reoccurring monthly donation that you give us. We are grateful that you choose to donate your money to us. If you want to get your work, club, church group or community involved, we will mail you a packet that highlights one of our students. You will be able to read and share details about them with the people you are raising money with so you can see and learn about exactly who your money is benefiting. You can also read each of our student’s stories here.

Fundraiser ideas can include:

Fundraise on Facebook: Get co-workers and friends to donate the amount of money they would usually spend on a drink that day, and sponsor a student with it instead.

Parties for a mission: Have a party, and ask that for donations in lew of gifts.

Give a company donation that is 100% tax deductible. Our nonprofit is a 501-c3.

Other ways to give:

Amazon Smile. 🙂 


Thank you for helping these women transform their lives!

Please contact with further questions.